A carpet mat made of the most suitable combination of fibers and rubber with a high cleaning function and an excellent advertising effect.

Absorbs moisture. Individually printable, thus high advertising and information benefits. Permanently durable for at least 150 cleaning and washing processes.

The human eye is able to perceive an incredible abundance of different colors.
However, only a fraction of this can be implemented in printing inks.

Since programs don't think, it can happen with some images that the conversion looks a bit idiosyncratic to human perception.
You will therefore find a detailed list of the RGB values of our printing inks here.
If images are created and uploaded in an external program using these colors, no conversion takes place. The colors in the print correspond exactly to those of the original file.

Note: The colors displayed on the screen may differ slightly from the actual print result.

Back coating Nitrile rubber coating, thickness approx. 1.4 mm, smooth or napped
Step width approx. 20 mm
Pile height approx. 7 - 8 mm
Pile material High-twist nylon (100% polyamide 6.6), pile weight 900 g / m²
height approx. 8 - 9 mm
Total weight (g / m²) 2600
Dimensional difference in% 3
Step edge label by request
Water absorption approx. 3 to 4 liters per m²
Washing temperature max ° C 40
Washfastness no color change according to DIN 54006
Oil resistance (nitrile rubber backing) very good
Electrostatic behavior very low electrostatic charge, volume resistance 2.2 x 10¹¹ Ohm, according to DIN 54345
Guarantee 5 years or 150 washes if properly cared for, cleaned and stored.