Logo mats - also in special shapes - as advertising and image carriers

Logo mats are always printed and cut to individual specifications. A wide range of colors, which even extends to remixing certain tones, ensures that any company logo, brand name or product is faithfully reproduced. Thanks to modern coloring processes, in addition to the exact depiction of characters, fonts and graphic elements, contours, shadows and color gradients can also be displayed.

Due to the expansion of the innovative machine park with a new cutting plotter, Fussmattenwelt is able to produce logo mats in any special shape as so-called Shapemats with extreme precision.

Effective in any weather. The first logo mat for outdoors! Individually printable, washable, weather-resistant, water-repellent, lightfast and colorfast! Of course, it is also available in special shapes!

The carpet mat can be designed at any point, for example to promote the image directly in the entrance area or as a targeted advertising measure at the POS. An additional reinforcement on the 20 mm wide step edge and a back coating made of non-slip nitrile rubber effectively prevent the risk of tripping. The pile material of the carpet mats consists of high-quality high-twist nylon, which guarantees long-term durability of the printed motif, provides a pleasant appearance and has high moisture absorption.